Folded Landscape

  • Folding of a Season, 25x25, acrylic on yupo, 2015
  • LaLa Lilly, 35"x52", oil on yupo, 2015
  • Successor, 23"x33", acylic on yupo, 2015
  • Walking Walden, 39"x51", acrylic on yupo, 2015
  • Fall Purse, 36"x24", acrylic on yupo, 2015
  • Flight, 24"x36", acrylic on yupo, 2015
  • Milkweed, 29"x39", acrylic on yupo, 2016
  • Medulla, 32"x39", acrylic on yupo, 2015
  • succesor 11, 39"x24", Acrylic on yupo, 2015

I deliberately seek the small detail in a landscape, the rotting leaves curled against

the ground, the milkweed seed caught by the wind exploding out of its pod, the rain

as it at pools in the moss.  These small details tell me more than what I see: they tell

about the wind patterns, the rainfall, the overall health of the land.  In this series

called Folded Landscapes, I try to fuse what I see with what I know, letting the

elements exist together to create the story of the larger whole.