• Inscape, 36x36, Oil on board
  • Yarrow, 48x48, Oil on board, 2013
  • Othello, 36x36, Oil on board
  • Hell or High Water, 54x32, Acrylic
  • Finding Fluid Ground, 24x24, Oil on board, 2013
  • Jim's Garden, 17.5x36, oil on board, 2013
  • Pond Stutterer, 63.5x36
  • As Above So Below 4, 44.5x30, 2013
  • As Above So Below 1, 44.5x30, 2013
  • As Above So Below 2, 44.5x30, 2013
  • Ut Under Prints
  • Arch, 44.5x30, Unique Print, 2013
  • In The Mist, 29.5x22.25, Unique Print, 2013

Flow is a reflection on connection and change, continuity and newness. Ilana Manolson delves into the shadowed shifting relationships between moment and memory, land and water, interior and exterior, home and away. Manolson's background as a printmaker has long informed her painting, and her recent return to printmaking during a studio residency in Venice has created a new dialogue between her in-the-moment expressive en plein air painting and her interior memory-based reflective printmaking. Each informs the other, and their interplay tells a larger story of place and meaning, with a fluid use of gesture and material. Her work highlights unexpected connections through the strong nurturing waterways beneath and within landscapes, whether Venice, Italy's historic canals or Concord, Massachusetts' landmark ponds. The artwork relating to each place possesses its own vibrancy, its own coloration, its own dynamic of dark and light, hard and soft, yet each also speaks to the other, calling across time