The Fragile Season

  • revealing , 20.5"x20.5", oil and hydrastone, 2014
  • Brussel Sprouts, 73.5"x25.5", hydracal, 2014

The beans hang like open question marks, purple with green seeds held inside.

Flourishing, nourishing while Jim is waning.

I seek to capture a life taken too soon.

Harvesting the beans, laying the tendrils in tissue paper between pages of my books.

Rolling corn, cabbage, and squash in clay, letting their impressions sink low.

I fill the void with plaster.


These pieces are rough around the edges, but so is grief.

These pieces have dirt in spots, but so does sadness.

These pieces have cracks —

 Letting light find seeds for the next harvest.

These pieces have breaks—

So does memory in a fragile season.